This Florida destination wedding with our Bespoke Gatsby-style Art-Deco wedding gown with strong is giving us all the feels

Krystal in Aurora - Art-Deco Beaded Crystal Mermaid Wedding Dress with Detachable Trian and off-shoulder Sleeves

Photographer: Joe Capasso Photography;

Design Drafts V.S. Real Dress

We created this Art-Deco wedding gown with strong Gatsby style of our lovely bride in France, Krystal. She want to make a dress without any laces but with strong Geometric Patterns and beading. This dress is another master piece of the glorious style of the Greek mythology with daring designs that feature intricately beaded symmetric strips, centralized patterns and smartly detachable trains. The geometric strips symbolizing the long-lasting Art-Deco tradition is accented with crystal multi-faceted gems and a variety of luxury beads. Combined with Selena Huan’s signature sensual silhouettes, the dress is a heady mix of glamour and elegance.


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