• How do I make a purchase on Selena Huan Bridal?

    1. Dress selection: choose your favorite wedding dress , carefully read the details of each page and the related descriptions to help you make the final decision
    2. Contact Customer Service: chat with the customer service online to decide the proper dress size, production cycle, delivery date, packaging, and carrier and other related matters.
    3. Purchase your favorite dress: choosing the appropriate dress size and other attributes, add them to your shopping cart, then you can proceed to check out.
    4. Checkout: our checkout process is quick and straightforward, simply fill in your delivery address, choose your shipping preference, then proceed to payment, we accept all major credit and debit cards (We have a small amount of inventory for each design. Most dresses will be made after order).
    5. Receive and check: Please carefully check your dress right after you receive it. If you are satisfied with your purchase, please spend a little time to give your dresses five-star reviews on our website. If you find any quality problems, please contact our customer service team within 48 hours after receiving the parcel. Please trust us. We will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.

  • All dresses have inventory in stock? How long can my dress be delivered after I pay for my order?

  • Most of the Selena Huan Bridal wedding dresses have inventory stock. You can check with customer services regarding the inventory level. Dresses in stock can be shipped in 3 days after you place your order. If you need any dress in a hurry, we can arrange special expedited shipping (except holidays and Sunday). Dresses not in stock need to be manufactured per order. Production time need to be confirmed with customer service (Normally takes 20-30 days).

  • How long does it take to receive a dress that made-by-order?

  • The production cycle for common style wedding dresses is 15-20 days. Some designs require heavy beading and lace embroidery need about 30-40 days to be finished. During the peak wedding season (May to October), not only the production cycle will be relatively prolonged, the delivery time and the after-sales services time also need extra buffer. To ensure that every bride can wear their Selena Huan Bridal wedding dress in their best condition at the wedding, please try to order your dress 2-3 months before your big day.

  • Does Selena Huan Bridal provide tailor-made or customize services?

  • Every Selena Huan Bridal dresses can be tailor-made. The price will be a little higher than standardized orders. Brides who want you dress be tailor-made can communicate with our customer service to discuss your requirement and production cycle. You also need to send all your measurement data according to our tailor-made measurement chart, and then we will make it a written agreement for you to sign. Once you confirm the order, it will be the responsibility for Selena Huan Bridal to dedicate every resource to make you a perfect handmade wedding dress or prom dress.

    In addition, most brides don’t even need to worry about the fitting problem. When designing each dress, our designer has already carefully considered each bride’s stature difference, and leaved extra fabrics hidden in the seaming line on the side. Besides, all the corset-design wedding dress can also be easily modified according to your body figure. Brides who don’t want the tailor-made services can find a local tailor to easily modify your dress.

    Selena Huan Bridal Wedding focuses on creative and artistic designs to form our own style. Currently we have no customized services. We insist that what you see on our website be exactly what you get. We hope that our principle will bring 100 % perfect shopping experience to every customer.

  • Are the dresses I will receive exactly the same as the pictures shown on Selena Huan Bridal’s website?
  • Selena Huan Bridal swears that all product images on our website are shooting with 100% real product from our own factory. You can be assured for each of your purchase.

    All the dresses of Selena Huan Bridal were painstakingly made by our exclusive craftsmanship. Each dress was carefully folded, embroidered, and beaded. So the detail of every dress will be slightly different, but each piece is absolutely exquisite and beautiful.

    Because of different beam of flash light and different color setting of browser display, it is unavoidable to have color aberration. But please believe that we will try to make the color displayed on the website as closer as the one of real products. Please rest your heart assured, Selena Huan Bridal will use highest-grade fabrics to carefully craft your dresses.

  • What’s the difference between corset, zip/button back?
  • Corset:

    Pros – Corset back-style can provide ±5 cm buffer. The bodice can be easily adjusted by elastic straps to fit your bust, waist and hip.

    Cons - You need other’s help to putting on the dress and tying the straps. If you don’t know how to wear a corset, please refer to our tutorial video.

    Zipper / Button:

    Pros - relatively easier to wear on and off; you can finish the task yourself. Zipper/button back-style is also easy to create the desired effects for dresses with transparent back or backless design.

    Cons - difficult to adjust the size compared with corset; if the dress is not completely fit, you can find a local tailor to resize it.

  • What to do if I receive a dress that does not fit?
  • Customers who choose the corset back style basically do not need to worry, because corset style allows you to adjust the size very conveniently. Also, all designs of Selena Huan Bridal were painstakingly crafted to fit and flare female body curves. The probability of unfit is very low. Moreover, almost all the dresses were seamed with extra fabrics on the side to make it easier for local tailors to resize and change.

  • How long will I receive a reply after I leave a message to the customer services?
  • First, all the staff of Selena Huan Bridal customer service are our own employees rather than outsourcing 3rd party. Therefore, every customer service staff has a deep understanding on each wedding dress and rich experience on helping every bride to choose their dream dress.

    We value every bride with great importance and respect. Because of our broadening popularity, more and more customers come to consult with our online customer services. During peak hours you may wait more than 20 minutes to get your questions answered. Thanks in advance for most customers’ kind understanding and patient wait. If the customer services do not show online or are busy, you can ask them all the questions at once by leaving online message. Our customer service staff will reply your questions at first time right after they are free again.

  • Can I shop any dress without communicating with the customer service?
  • If you have more confidence in your own size and still have more than three months away from your wedding ceremony, you can place your orders without communicating with the customer service. Selena Huan Bridal Bridal provides 14 days return policy. But if it is convenient for you, we recommend customers to first communicate with the our services team, so that we can provide you with the most professional services, resolve your doubts, answer your questions, and finally help you choose the most suitable wedding dress with 100% satisfaction.

  • How to take care of the wedding dress after I receive it?
  • Any freshly unpacked dress inevitably has wrinkles. Please hang our dresses for 3-4 days, and normally the wrinkle will disappear. If you use handled steamer to iron the dress, especially those with heavily folded or sculptured skirts, you will get very desirable result.